An Fast Men

An Fast Men is a building suggested by Idler . Each one costs 800 trillion cookies and gives 100 trillion cookies per second, making for a very quick payoff rate.

An Fast Men have been described as "A Fast Men who produce a lot, lot of cookies".


Achievements can be unlocked depending on how many An Fast Men you have.

FAST MEN!!!!: Unlocks at 1 An Fast Men.

Faster Men: Unlocks at 50 An Fast Men.

FASTER MENNER!!!! : Unlocks at 100 An Fast Men.

Gotta Go Fast!: Unlocks at 200 An Fast Men.


The Faster Menner icon


  • An Fast Men's third achievement, "FASTER MENNER!!!!", has become memetically popular due to the usage of the nonexistent word "menner".
  • The creator of this is the godder Idlerer!
  • "Gotta Go Fast!" is a reference to Sonic X.