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This here is a forumer from Dashnet forums. He prefers to be mostly... Well... Anonymous, but it is known that Anon9mous is a male.


Not too much is known about Anon9mous, other than that he joined Dashnet in December, 2013, he is a semi-common forumer, he has impeccable (in simple english: pretty good) grammar, and that he seems to get ignored rather often. He probably wonders why sometimes.


Anon9mous is a fan of idea posts, roleplay threads (especially ones that go on for a while, and are active), being random, the ocean, and making smart (and dumb) jokes. Anon9mous is wondering if his Senpais (That's right, there's multiple of them) notice him. He seems to have a little bit of a bromance with MasterSparky, and most likely needs a life.

Wishes for the forumEdit

Anon9mous wishes that the forums were much more popular, and that more people would join in on the roleplays (most notably the "I am god, you are servant" roleplay). He also wishes to be occasionally noticed a bit more, because ignorance is not bliss for the unignorant. 


Anon9mous should have a lot of secrets, but he does not. One, however, is most likely a strange fetish (that nobody would guess), or maybe a crime commited, or a sweet pet, or even being the devil of the common toads. In all honesty, we will probably never know.

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