ChaoticNeutral used to be one of the most notorious spammer-derailers on Dashnet Forums. Chaotic is a brony, but not as much now as he used to be. He/she seems to know a lot of useless stuff about Pokemon. ChaoticNeutral has been banned 3 times. Chaotic seems to show intelligence (like when Chaotic did those calcuations on dragon speed or whe she/he talked bout what a sonic rainboom really is)... sometimes, but usually, he acts like an idiot. Chaotic's original account was made on January 31. People used to like him, but he was a real jerk and spammed desu a bunch and got banned. He stopped spamming for now. Everyone misses his old avatar.

ChaoticNeutral is friends in real life with MasterSparky and Deathranger999.

Alternate Accounts:Edit

  1. Sleipnir
  2. Fluttersisbest
  3. Chaotic_Neutral
  4. Master_Sparky (deleted but later recreated by the amazing _cookieFONSTER_)