cookiefonster is a member on the DashNet forums. He is known largely for being a brony (Twilight Sparkle is his favorite), having quit playing Cookie Clicker, and saying "lel" a lot. He also changed his username from _cookieFONSTER_ to cookiefonster for personal reasons. He is an atheist. His current avatar is Twilight Sparkle facepalming, or facehoofing as many bronies call it. In reality, cookiefonster is an average user, with some cool qualities.

Trivia Edit

  • John4s13 has always thought he was a she. Probably because he associated people by avatars.
  • _cookieFONSTER_ can be described as awesome, swagalicious, amaztastic, cool, amazing, fantastic, Twilightlicious, super-amaztastic-licious, and more synonyms of "awesome" and "swagalicious".
  • The above statement is the truest statement ever known to mankind.

Accounts Edit

_cookieFONSTER_ has several accounts on the forums. They are:

  1. _cookieFONSTER_, the original main account (joined September 2013)
  2. cookiefonster2, created because of inability to long on to main account (joined February 2014)
  3. awesomeguy123, an experiment to see how people would react to a terrible suggestion (joined April 2014). 1234abcdcba4321 did a similar experiment.
  4. Master_Sparky, used to seize the opportunity of owning a previously deleted account that was once used by ChaoticNeutral to troll (joined May 2014)
  5. 100lel, combining the 100lol clone trend with the "lel" catchphrase (joined June 2014)
  6. 9876zyxwxyz6789, the first account used to parody 1234abcdcba4321, catching on the trend of alt accounts to parody other users (joined June 2014)

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