Cookie Clicker 1.40 is a future major update of Cookie Clicker.

New FeaturesEdit

Grandma ApocalypsesEdit

Grandmas run around the streets naked, luckily their large and saggy breasts cover most of the genital area. A flatulent gas fills the air making it impossible to breath and killing most life on Earth.


New building: Bakery


Makes 90 cookies per second

Cost's 35,000 cookies.

New building: Grandpa


Costs: 80 cookies

Makes: 0.4 cookies per second.

Their CPS goes up every grandma you get. It will touch your junk when Grandma isnt looking.


In-game picture of bakery


Baking Grandmas: Costs: 35,000 Cookies-Makes grandmas twice as efficient. Needs: 15 Bakeries


Baker-Have 1 Bakery.

OM NOM NOM-Have 50 Bakeries

Let's never EVER bake again-Have 100 bakeries

Shadow AchievementsEdit

Super Clicker-Get 100,000,000,000,000 with just clicking on the big cookie.

News TickerEdit

100,000,000,000,000-The entire universe (and several others) have tasted your cookies.

1 Bakery-New bakery opened!

50 bakeries-Lots of cookies sold, maybe OVER 9000!

100 bakeries-*no comment*