Hello, I am here to tell you a story from long ago.

About the rise and fall of granny, the coming and the end.

What you may know as the Grandmapocalypse.

Rise of GrandmaEdit

Legends say that the cookie clicker will create a new and improved cookie age, and the universe will honour them for your cookies. But one day, the cookie clicker decided to sell a grandma, which is just wrong. This upset many grandmas which were working for the cookie clicker and all the angered grandmas told the elder gods what was happening. The elder gods were upset that the cookie clicker made use of grandmas to bake cookies and get rid of them when he/she didn't need them. The elder gods decided to end this cookie age and told the grandmas to trick the cookie clicker into buying "one mind", something that would make the grandmas more powerful and cause the Grandmapocalypse. So, as planned, the cookie clicker bought "one mind" and the grandmas became overwhelmingly powerful and crazy, and they overthrew the cookie clicker and thus, this was the start of the Grandmapocalypse.


Fall of GrandmaEdit

However, the cookie clicker would not settle for this. Surviving the endless onslaught of grandmas, the cookie clicker made a pact with the elder ones. While this only lasted a while, the cookie clicker had enough time to get enough cookies for the further pledges. Eventually, however, the elder ones would not settle for the cookies offered, so the clicker made a different deal, in sacrificing a 20th of his cookie production rate for permanent protection. The clicker secretly, in the meantime, was preparing a project to finish the grandmas once and for all. Years later he had all the possible upgrades, and, using the antimatter cannon, which was operated by kittens, he fired a cookie beam through time and space. The grandmas were melted into the bare essentials of cookie dough, and the elder ones were struck down from their thrones, only to be replaced by him, who quickly grew old and repeated the cycle again and again and again...

And now, it's your turn.


Everyone's souls will be corrupted. Even video souls.

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