MasterSparky used to be a very prevelant forumer on DashNet Forums, second highest poster beaten only by TFU_Satron. He loves Cookie Clicker a lot more than a lot of forumers. He is a brony, but not particularly involved. He is the "Rarity" of DashNet, since his avatar is Rarity facepalming (or alternatively in pony terms, "facehoofing"). Rarity isn't actually his favorite pony; he only changed his avatar to Rarity to finish up the rest of the main 6 in MLP. He is really friendly, and has many badges. He is IRL friends with DeathRanger999 and ChaoticNeutral. He is awesome and cool. Sparky also plays RotMG occasionally, nowhere near as much as ShinyTrees. Actually, now he's completely fucing addicted to RotMG, which is part of how he drifted off from DashNet. Many forumers miss him. *sniff*