Back in the before the portals to the Cookieverse were opened there was a conflict between a new group that worships the cupcakes and the Cookie Loyalists. The Cookie Loyalist mainly consisted of nations and planet wide governments who supported the cookies as well as many cults devoted to the delicious treat and the Great Cookie Sage( You the player ) and his followers, on the opposing teams were smaller groups such as, Mormons, Hipster, The federation of cupcakes, Pinkiepie, other planet wide governments trying to find a new ‘thing’ to control the populace with. Of course it would not be long until conflict started.

Tension was very high for a long period of time until the federation of cupcakes declared war on close planets that worshipped cookies, countless cookies were lost, oh yeah and lots of people. Other forces who also worshiped the dark cupcake all around the galaxy started fighting the cookie cults. The Cookie side took its fare share of devastating blows, however not before their forces could act.

The Cult of the Cookie took control of most military forces that worked alongside cookies. They managed to push the newly named ‘Heretics’ to a remote region of the galaxy.

The Cult of the Cookie created a new race of super humans, who had high levels of cookie dough and chocolate in their bloodstream making them more holy and both faster and stronger, these warriors were named the Custodians. Half of them were sent to the far rim of the east section of the galaxy where the cupcake federation had been pushed into, while the remaining few stayed near Earth.

The Cupcake federation however made allies with alien races who craved for cookies to fight for them, over many years they built up armies until they took down the Custodians keeping them from leaving, after this they made their way to Earth. A great conflict began, millions died, however in the end the Custodians won and the traitors were dealt with (killed). And a new age of Portals had begun where creatures from other dimensions and alien races as well as humans lived in peace. Well, until the Elder gods came back, but that’s another story.

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