At the rim of the multiverse there lies a place where only the most potent of all beings (and farts) go; named the cookieverse. In here inhabit such horrors as the astral cookie spectres, the milk hounds, the celestial cookie cat...and the Elder Gods. The beings known as the Elder Gods, who have waited for eternity for the return of the great cookie sage (you, the player), realize his talents and lead humanity into the ‘Cookie Age’. At this point they would open a portal to the cookieverse to get more cookies. What the sage didn’t know was that the Elder Gods sent the grannies, who had called to their dark ways to convince you to open the portal. Opening the portal alowed the elder gods to enter and eat all of our world's cookies. The universe they came from was dark and grim, for there was no milk and cookies left. Now they can eat the milk and cookies to become stronger, causing them to be able to enslave the sage to make milk and cookies for them. At this point they can change the universe to cookies for them to thrive in.

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