David ran to the kitchen but Granny Maggie was following him. At that point David thought he was doomed, but then he noticed the oven in the right-hand corner. He reached out and set the oven to 170 degrees Celsius, opened the oven door, and from that point he bravely grabbed Granny Maggie, threw her in to the oven, and quickly closed the oven door before she could climb out. After 30 minutes or so, David turned off the oven and saw Granny Magie was turned into a pile of ashes. After that David looked through the drawers to look for something to defend himself. So he grabbed a rolling pin, opened the window and climbed out. Hippies f*cked up WIKIA.

David entered the factory and looked to see who was inside. He look around and found... Some of his friends/mates who were sitting by the fire they lit because the power cut out (well you would know of that). Their names were Mark, Adam and Patrick A.k.a Stumpy "What is going on out there, and why are those grandmas evil?" David asked in a scared tone, "I can explain," replied Mark he explained "It was a normal day at Orteil's office when the team of top scientists had finished researching this upgrade only known as One Mind. Now at that point we tried to warn him that the Grandmas were growing restless, but the boss just went ahead. But the attacks really began when he went ahead with Communal brainsweep and they started to beat people to death with their rolling pin. But this is the most horrible part. We are on it now. Looks like he went ahead with the most fearful one of all!" he was shocked to tell this at first. "the elder pact" "How are we meant to stop the grandmas' wrath?" shouted David. "There is only one way. The elder pledge, which needs cookie batter mixed in moonlight, anti-aging cream and a chicken, but it only stops them for half an hour. But to stop it forever we need cursed laxatives, century-old cacao and an infant, which make the Elder Covenant, to stop them forever." As they take a break, they look for the stuff they need.

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