This is the story of Orteil Toename.

Orteil's StoryEdit

Orteil was once wandering along when he felt like baking cookies. But nobody wanted to eat them. He baked some, but the first batch went in the trash. His neighborhood racoon barely touched it. He hired a shorthand to help him.  Quite literally, just a floating hand... Seriously what was that... He started baking more along the random hand, and hired his grandma after selling more. His family finally tried some. They loved it. He started selling his cookies for more and got a farm to grow cookies. He needed to upgrade his floating hand, so he reinforced it's index finger and added carpal prevention cream to it. He built a factory to mass produce them. He got a national holiday. Then, he got a mine to dig out some cookie dough and chocolate chips. Grandma was getting slow, so he gave her a steel plated rolling pin.

Then, a controversy of Grandmas struck, and grandmas started researching while playing Bingo! He had a luxury life until the Grandmas revolted. He wasn't seeing direct attacks, but Wrinklers were eating cookies! He tried poking them to get them to go away, and they popped and left behind the cookies they ate with interest!

To be continued...Edit

This story will continue later.